SLRUG welcomes news about Stratford upon Avon from West Midlands Trains

As the Rail User Group for the Shakespeare Line between Stratford upon Avon and Birmingham SLRUG welcomes the news from West Midlands Trains that they have rectified an issue at Stratford upon Avon that was affecting the station’s train information display. 

Charlotte Ritchie, Head of External Communications & Engagement at West Midlands Trains (WMT) said that an update to the passenger information system was made by WMT on 28 May in response to a fault and that this will ensure that the train information display is automatically updated by signallers and is therefore correct.

Neil Morgan, Treasurer of SLRUG said “We are really pleased how quickly and effectively West Midlands Trains have acted to ensure the train information system is working properly at Stratford upon Avon’s station which handles a significant number of visitors and who are very dependent upon accurate arrival and departure information.”

The passenger user group also commended the upgrades at stations along the route being made by WMT which involve new brighter and clearer train information displays, new interactive help points that offer a much wider range of facilities for passengers and tactile paving which enables much easier and safer use of train services for passengers with accessibility requirements.