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The Lakes

Class 150 unit Stratford-bound train at The Lakes

Class 150 Stratford-bound train at The Lakes : Brian Wilson

The Lakes

Warwickshire Bus Information Trains stop on request only

Built as a 'fisherman's halt' also serving Terry's Green. The platforms are quite short so passengers should travel in the leading coach. Minimal station facilities. A request stop.

Attractions - Ideal for angling or lakeside & woodland walks. Clowes Woods, Earlswood Lakes. N.B. The Lakes is closer to the reservoirs than Earlswood station.

Address: Malthouse Lane, Earlswood, Solihull

Sat Nav: B94 5SE

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The Lakes - Poolhead Road
follow it to the reservoirs

The Shakespeare Express steam train passing 'The Lakes'

The Lakes station entrance

The Lakes station entrance

Walkers return to 'The Lakes' station
- after completing one of our suggested walks
(No 1) from Earlswood station

Request Stop!
Trains only stop at some rural stations
along the line on request to the driver or conductor.
The Lakes is one of them.

Catching the train home
after a pleasant walk around Earlswood
and its lakes. Some of these people
came from Jewellery Line stations.

The Lakes - Windmill Pool

Fishing in The Lakes

The Lakes - Terry's Pool

The Lakes - Engine Pool, with the old engine house in the background

The Red Lion - somewhere to quench
your thirst after a countryside walk

The Lakes - Windmill Pool

Some ideas for countryside walks

(1) Take the train to Earlswood, walk through the lanes to the Lakes maybe stopping at the Craft Centre. Then walk on to The Lakes station for the train home.
(2) Alternatively, nature lovers may chose to take a footpath route through Clowes Woods.
(3) Lakes Circular Walk
This takes you around the outside of each of the pools.
(4) Earlswood Circular Walk
The walk takes you through open fields and surfaced towpaths with some road walking.
Please note : Some sections of these two circular walks may be boggy in wet weather

Information about
the Lakes themselves

For more information about the lakes, visit the  Canal and River Trust and Earlswood Wildlife Partnership websites.

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